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Best ski in/out

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Welcome to Lodge Hahnenkamm

 We would love you to be in the nature of 4 seasons getting     out from your normal life.

 Our lodge is located on the ski area where little bit upper       from the town.

 Enjoy every moment with your family, friends,partner or           yourself.


      In the nature of the four seasons

   You will feel full of the nature.Our place is              located in the ski area.

 There is a small park that is coverd with lawn,so    you could enjoy BBQ,relaxing,sports and so on.   

 Best ski in/ski out in the winter season.

​ Especialy reccomend for family guest and people    who would love to enjoy snow!!  

​What's New


Sep 26, 2020

In Response to Covid-19

Dear Guest,

Our facility will be implementing the following measures in response for Covid-19.

・ The customer service staff works after measuring the temperature every day.

・ Customer service staff wear masks.

・ We regularly disinfect common areas.

・ Ventilation is performed regularly.

・ We ask our customers to disinfect by installing a disinfectant spray.

・ We will measure the temperature at your check-in.

・ We will verify the identity of all guests using official documents (driver's license, passport, health insurance card, etc.).

・ If you are not feeling well on the day of check-in, please refrain from staying.

・ There may be restrictions on the hours of use and the number of seats when dining.

・ Basically, the dishes will be served individually, and if you want to share them, you will need to use the tongs for each person.

・ A maximum of 2 people can take a bath (except for family members), and please avoid using it with other groups at the same time.

※Please note that health-related measures may change without notice.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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